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Southern Alpha Equity Partners is not your typical private equity fund, strategic acquirer or venture capital fund - we are search fund - long-term investors.

So what is a search fund anyway? A search fund is an entrepreneurial investment vehicle that enables entrepreneurs and experienced business managers to buy one company and commit all of their time, energy, capital and efforts to long-term success of your acquired company. Capital is raised to finance the search for, and acquisition of, the company (Please see the Investors tab for a listing of committed investors). The founder of the fund - Nicholas M. Browner - will assume full-time responsibility as President/CEO for managing the acquired company's day-to-day operations.

Search funds are an alternative asset class which provide investors the opportunity to back and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs and to own equity in an established, profitable, and scalable privately-held small-to-medium sized company. Additionally, search funds serve an under-represented and under-served segment of the private equity market, that offers small business owners:

  • an unique and well-positioned succession plan and partnership approach;

  • an different kind of partnership;

  • continual preservation of your legacy, protection of your employees, stakeholders, and community partners; and

  • an entrepreneur that can take your company to the next-level and build and grow into something you'd be very proud of.

Below is an side-by-side view of advantages of selling your company to an search fund, such as Southern Alpha Equity Partners.



Investment Horizon:                                                                  

Investment Portfolio: 


Investor Profile:   



Company Revenue:

​Company Qualities:

Business Strategy:

Operating Horizon:

Exit Strategy:

Long-term Growth:

(The Bottom Line)


              Search Funds                                                                             

   5 - 15 years                                                                  

   Single Company           

   Business Executives, CEOs,

   Experienced Investors


   Up to $50 million

   Mature, Cash Flow Positive,

   Owner Succession Plan Needed​



   Indefinite (Forever)

   Recapitalization, IPO

   Learn the business  and culture

   through day-to-day leadership

   and management


              Private Equity                                                                             

   3 - 5 years                                                                  

   Multiple Companies         

   Private Wealth, Institutions

   (i.e., Pensions & Endowments)


   More than $50 million

   Under-performing in Market,

   Leveraged with Debt​


   Cost-Cutting and Leverage

   3 - 5 years

   Recapitalization, IPO

   Maximize returns to investors

   by taking minimal risk - less

   innovation, more cost cutting


              Venture Capital                                                                           


   Multiple Companies         

   Angel Investors and Serial

   Venture Capital Funds


   Less than $1 million

   Start-up, High-Cash Burn, 

   Unproven Business Model


   Rapid Growth


   Acquired by Competitor, IPO

   Focused too much on high-risk/

   high-return dynamics, but most

   start-ups have high failure rates

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