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Based in Atlanta, GA, Southern Alpha Equity Partners, LLC ("Southern Alpha") was founded with the sole purpose of finding a great small-to-medium sized business that we can invest, partner with, operate, and grow for a long-term horizon.


Specifically, we are interested in investing, partnering with, and growing businesses with annual revenues of $5.0 to $50.0 million and EBITDA of $1.5 to $5.0 million.

Southern Alpha believes in taking an active role in the operations of the companies we back, helping them to enhance marketing, professionalize and build-out the appropriate management infrastructure, expand geographically, and move into adjacent markets.

Upon the successful partnership of the company, we will:

  • Relocate and become embedded within the local community - i.e., church, non-profits, schools

  • Take an active day-to-day operating and executive leadership role

  • Focus our time, energy, capital and efforts to driving long-term, sustainable growth

  • Preserve the company's existing legacy and culture

  • Continue to offer career growth opportunities for the company's employees

As an team of entrepreneurs, operators, and investors, we offer:

  • A compelling combination of capital, operational, and executive expertise to small-to-medium sized businesses

  • A strictly confidential, open-minded, and flexible communication style to owners that ensures trust 

  • A commitment to work alongside owners since we understand their needs and concerns when executing a partnership

  • A culture on the belief that long-term success is based on honesty, communication, and collaboration

  • A commitment to continuity and value creation for the company's employees, stakeholders, and its' community

The Bottom Line

(a) If you care about the legacy and growth of your company, and 

(b) If you want a value-added executive, investor, and advisory board that you can partner with to grow your company over the long-term, then

(c) then we are likely a great fit for you! 

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