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Healthcare IT & Services:

  • IT, Software & Technology:

    • Tech-Enabled Revenue Cycle

    • EHR & Practice Management

    • Release of Information

    • Medical Coding & Clinical Documentation

  • Services:

    • Specialty Physician Practices

    • Home & Behavioral Health

    • Outsourced & Specialty Services

    • Supply Chain & Distribution

Management Criteria:

  • Owner(s) ready to sell 100%, take your cash, retire and spend more time with your family OR

  • Owner(s) ready to retain a portion of equity, diversify their wealth, and share in upside potential via a majority sale (70% - 80%)

Business & Industry Criteria:

  • Addressable market size of at least $1 billion

  • Highly-fragmented market

  • Low external risk factors

Financial Criteria:

  • Revenue of $5.0 to $50.0 million

  • EBITDA of $1.5 to $5.0 million

  • High-levels of recurring and/or repeatable revenue

  • Diversified customer base

IT, Software & Technology:

  • IT Managed Services

  • ERP, Business Intelligence, & Analytics Software

  • Data & Information Services

  • SaaS-based Application Software

  • Enterprise-based Software

  • Digital Marketing, Media & Advertising Agency Services

Business Services:

  • Landscaping & Lawn Services

  • HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Services

  • Tree Care, Vegetation Management & Right-of-Way Services

  • Tech-Enabled Business Services

  • Education & Training Services

  • Testing, Inspection, Certification, & Compliance

  • Pest Control, Wildlife & Extermination Services

Industrial Services:

  • Testing, Inspection, Certification & Compliance Services

  • Technical Support Industrial Services

  • Value-Added Maintenance & Repair Services

  • Assembly, Kitting & Calibration Services

Specialty Manufacturing:

  • Architectural Signs & Wayfinding Products

  • Flow Control, Measurement, Valves, Pumps & Calibration Products

  • Specialty-Engineered Products & Instrumentation
  • Specialty-Printing, Plastic, Packaging & Labeling

Infrastructure Services:

  • Underground Utility & Sewer Maintenance

  • Road, Traffic & Highway Services

  • Service-based businesses to Airports, Railways, and Other Transportation Projects



We are seeking one U.S.-based, privately-held small-to-medium sized company to acquire, operate, and grow for the long-haul that has an demonstrated history of profitability and growth. As entrepreneurs, we understand that every business is different, and very few businesses display all of these traits. But they are helpful in guiding our search.

We are looking for an Entrepreneur-ran or Family-owned business with the following criteria:


We are seeking companies in the following industries and sub-sectors:





















Intermediaries: We pay finder's fees for introductions that result in closed transactions (based on standard Lehman Formula).

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