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A leading team of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and operators formed to invest in, partner with, operate, and grow one  small-to-medium sized company for the long-term.

It would be an honor and a privilege to preserve the legacy you have worked hard to create and build over the years, as we intend to grow the company for years to come.

About Us

The team at Southern Alpha Equity Partners is run by an experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and operators who are committed to the highest standards of:

(a) Integrity,

(b) Excellence,

(c) Diversity & inclusion,

(d) Teamwork, and 

(e) Continuous improvement. 

Why Us?

Southern Alpha Equity Partners offers business owners a different kind of partnership built on:

(a) Personable relationships,

(b) Honest negotiation, 

(c) Good communication, and 

(d) Flexible deal structures and terms that meet both of our needs. 

Southern Alpha Equity Partners was founded to invest in, partner with, operate and grow one privately-held small and middle-market company with a focus on growth and long-term value creation for its' employees, patients/customers, stakeholders and the community.

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Our Focus

Southern Alpha Equity Partners is seeking to partner with businesses with:

(a) Annual revenue over $5.0 million, OR

(b) Annual EBITDA over $1.5 million, 

(c) Recurring or repeatable revenue streams, and 

(d) A strong balance sheet with low levels of cyclicity in a growing industry. 

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